Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nail of the Day

Hi Guys today I wanted to share with you my Nail of the Day today I used my Barry M polish in the colour 292 Navy.

I love darker colours and this is a nice change from black I really like the Barry M nail polishes or should I say nail paints! this look took two coats which was pretty good and it dried quicker than a lot of polishes I have which is great,
I cant remember how much this was I think around the €5 mark in boots
That's all for now guys hope you enjoyed that c-ya soon xx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Twilight is the Bomb!!!

Hi Guys today I wanted to share with you my favourite bath bomb its the Lush Bath Bomb Twilight
I absolutely love this I was never really a bath person till  the start of this year mostly because of this product not only does it smell lovely it looks gorgeous.

I love to take a bath just before bed to relax as it has lavender oil in it really calming and relaxing and sets you off asleep I would really recommend this for anyone who is feeling stressed or run down.
OK Guys hope you enjoyed that c-ya soon xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Glossy box!

Hi Guys so excited today my Glossy Box has finally arrived! I was really late ordering my April box so it took a long time to come but better late than never!!
If your not familiar with what Glossy Box is its a website that you can subscribe to for a year ,Six months, Three months or  a monthly supcription that you can cancel at any time. They box up 5 high end beauty products mostly travel size for you to try out, things you may never think to get for your self almost like a adult lucky bag!!
Ill link in their website  if you want more information

This is the box although they don't usually look like this because  this is their Natural Beauty Box
which included  five natural beauty products its a limited edition box  which its self is 100% biodegradable so you can be a beautiful Eco-warrior !

OK so this is what was in my goodie bag firstly

from the Inika Cosmetics  their certified organic lip liner  I was really looking forward to this however the colour I received was an orange colour I in general don't like coral colours but you never know I might become adventurous!

moving on

This is Philip B styling gel I don't tend to use styling gels but its always good to have one and you never know this might just convert me!!

This is from the Monu Professional Skincare Range it is a hand and nail cream this has a very nice lemon scent very handy for the handbag

This is from Caudalie its their Vinosource SOS Thirst -quenching serum  I heard a lot about this product and am very interested to see is it worth the hype!

Lastly  Figs & Rouge  Lip Balm this is very moisturising  lip balm with a lovely rose scent 

well guys that's it hope you guys enjoyed  that c- ya soon xx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

liz Earl Delivery!

Hi Guys today I wanted to share with you my delivery from the Liz Earle skincare range. :)

I have heard so much about this brand and how amazing it was so I thought it was about time I tried it out for my self, so I went on to the Liz Earle website and to my surprise the prices were lower than I thought they would be initially and that there was also a special offer on in May.
The May offer was you get the  Cleanse and polish 100ml,
 the Instant boost skin tonic 200ml, skin repair moisturiser 50ml jar, eye bright soothing eye lotion 150ml and a travel size Cleanse and polish and extra muslin cloth all this for €46.25.
I couldn't wait to use them and when I did I loved the result  my skin instantly look clean and clearer and felt so soft.
I also received four samples of the Liz Earle foundation which was a nice little bonus also along with handy swatch booklet which showed the different colours of the foundation and lip products etc.

Check out their website 

Although I have not had the skin care product for that long I have no complaint so far I will keep you informed of how I get on!
That's it for now guys hope you enjoyed that c-ya soon xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Beauty Websites!

Hi Guys Just a quick post today I said I would share with you guys a few of  some of my  favourite beauty websites I love!!
First is  Fragrance lagoon this is a discounted beauty shop
Fragrance lagoon
Then I'm sure lot of people have heard of this site feel unique amazing site anything you could want (beauty related) and there is always offers on.
Next up is  cocktail cosmetic another discounted beauty shops which holds a lot of product hard to get outside the US such as Sigma brushes
On the subject of brushes fellow bloggers Sprinkle of Glitter and Zoella have started their own business Louella In which they sell Green Bamboo brushes
That's it for now hope you guys enjoyed that  c-ya soon xx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Marc Jacobs New Perfume

Hi Guy I want to share with you guys some beauty news, Marc Jacob has revealed his new perfume called Dot! Wow what a cute name but even cuter than the name is the bottle
Marc Jacobs Dot
How cute is this bottle I have to say I'm not a fan of  Marc's other perfumes Lola and Daisy but I think I love to get this just for the bottle for my vanity table!!
The scent is described as a sweet combination of berries, coconut water, vanilla, jasmine and orange blossom. Sounds really nice I think I could be converted !!
Hope you guys enjoyed that c-ya soon xx

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Hi Guys today I wanted to share with you a product that I have just recently discovered and feel like I cant leave the house with out it Travalo.

It is basically a refillable atomizer
With a very handy way to pump in any fragrance you wish you really cant go wrong!


Remove the spray head from your perfume bottle. Place your Travalo upright on top of the nozzle peg, and repeatedly pump it up and down to fill. Its easy!
Travalo in use     
Travalo refills in seconds!

The reason this product was not in my whats in my bag is because I leave it in my car so I'm always smelling fresh where ever I go!
There is a very big range of size and types and colours travalo available from the travalo website you should check it out!
However I bought mine off a discount beauty website full of great little treasures also give this one a look enjoy!
 Fragrance lagoon
hope you guys enjoyed that c- ya soon xx

Yankee Candles

Hi Guys today I wanted to share my favourite candle brand Yankee Candle they have the most amazing scents and really spot on to the name of the candle.

 My personal favourite in the collection is Black Cherry

Although it is hard to pick just one scent I love how this smells.
Its a beautiful rich fruity sweet Black Cherry scent
They range in price from €22 to €2 depending on the size jar if I could recommend to you any candle it would be Black Cherry (shock horror !)  and the large jar size 22oz, (623g) due to the fact the burn time is longer from 110-150 hours
I buy my candles from  they have shops in Waterford, and Naas co. Kildare
They are so helpful and friendly in there.
There are always amazing offers too check out their website
 (just in case your wondering I don't work for Yankee Candle or I just love their company! )

hope you guys enjoy that guys c-ya soon xx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Soap and Glory

Hi Guys wow its been a while since I last posted any thing but better late than never!!.
I wanted to share one of my favourite brands of the minute its Soap and Glory. I have to say I was very drawn to there product due to the amazing reviews and their packaging, I just love the 1950's look about them.                           


Soap and Glory have three signature scents Original Pink, Fruitigo and Mist you Madly.

My personal favourite is the Mist you Madly  scent. Some of the Soap and Glory product are infused with this scent such as The Clean Girls creamy body wash,

 The Daily Smooth Body Butter
                                                           THE DAILY SMOOTH™
The Scrub 'em and leave 'em Body Exfoliator SCRUB 'EM AND LEAVE 'EM™

I have all these products I just love it the Body butter is  amazing it makes your skin so silky soft
along with the Clean Girls body wash you only need the smallest amount it lathers up so well after a shower your skin feels like its already moisturised.
The Scrub 'em and leave 'em is a great exfoliator also however I do find the texture a little bit rough for my liking it even has sea salt chunks in it  but the smell is so nice.
I did love the Body spray I only wish it would last all day I have tried the perfume spray the eau de Soap and Glory formula 2 which was the same great scent and came in a really cool box
However I have to say I was wishing the scent would stay on longer but I still love it all the same :)
A these products are available from Boots
The Clean girls body wash is €8.29
The Daily Smooth Body Butter is €11.94
The Scrub em and leave em body buff is €10.49
The Mist you madly body spray € 9.15
The perfume eau de Soap and Glory formula 2 €22.26

For more on Soap and Glory product check out their website


Whats in my make up travel make up bag??

Hi Guys I taught today I would just show you my make up bag that I take with me in my hand bag
hope you guys enjoy xx

This is the bag I use,  its from the 17 make up range from Boots that was free when you bought a selection of 17 make up pieces its very handy and compact which I love.
And inside my make up bag at the moment  are these

For a small bag it fits a lot!
It holds my foundation which is Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in the colour 20 beige
which I purchased in Brown Thomas for around €38.60

Next my Maybelline Dream Matt powder in the colour golden sand  which I use as a finishing powder I bought this as part of a 3for 2 offer in Boots it alone cost €10.77
Staying with Maybelline I got the 24hr colour tattoo in the colour 35-on and on Bronze which was part of the 3for 2 offer I mentioned which cost €7.49 alone

 And the last Maybelline product is a new product out Pop stick

It is the idea of the effect that if you were sucking on an ice pop and some time the colour of the ice pop leaves a stain on your lip they also have the scent of a fruity ice pop there are five colour I believe,
I will be doing a review on them soon so watch out for that!
The colour I have is citrus slice these cost €10.89 a little costly but im a sucker for a gimmick!

Next thing is my M.A.C quad

I decided to get a quad instead of a 15 piece pallet because I figure its handy for a weekend away or a holiday and very handy for my travel make up bag,

The colours I picked are Carbon

Satin Taupe



I bought all theses from Brown Thomas the eye shadows are €11.50 each and the empty quad costs €7.50
Staying with M.A.C  I also have the Haute and naughty mascara which I also got at Brown Thomas for around €23 , and the last M.A.C  product I have is a lip glass in the colour desire which cost €17.50

And the final  product I have is a Revlon lip butter in the colour lollipop which I got from Boots for €8.18

That's it guys hope you enjoyed that c-ya soon xx


Whats in my bag???

Hi Guys I have seen the videos on you tube tagged whats in my bag and as I dont make videos for you tube I said Id do a blog post about it hope you enjoy it xx

This is my bag it a huge Guess bag I love/hate  this bag for the same reason  the fact it is so big
I can stuff it full but the fact I can stuff it full it ends up a mess!!
I bought it when I was in Florida last year I think it was around $70 in the Guess shop which I taught was a bargain considering at home they are in the €100 plus price range.
I also got this Guess purse which didnt match the handbag but I just really liked the look of it.

I think I paid about $20 for this I really like its so handy

This is the rest  of the things that I usually have in my bag

My passport which is in the cute Me To You cover , My soap and Glory perfume Which I got in Boots for €22.26.
My Travel Make up bag  and M.A.C tendertone in Tread Gently which I got in Brown Thomas for around €14.50  and usually  random rubbish this week I have a Boots No7 voucher.
Hope you enjoyed that c-ya soon guys xx