Friday, 29 April 2016

Sleek Cream contour kit light

Hi Guys 
Thanks to Kim Kardashian everyone is gone contour crazy and I have to admit I have really wanted to create that chiselled look myself  
However finding the right balance of highlighter and bronzer has never appealed to me but I seen this new palette of cream contours and decided to give it ago 

  completely confused where to start I was delighted that there was a cheat sheet included to help you on which colour goes where  

          The results

     My thoughts 
I am by no means an expert on make up however I really like the results. The pallet was very easy to apply the only negative I would say is the bronzer shades at a touch orange considering it is the light pallet 
however the highlighter shade brighten your skin beautifully 
I got this pallet in Sam McCauley Pharmacy for €13.99
 What do you Guys think?



Spring clean

Hi guys 
Seen as it's spring it's time to De clutter and my first task is clean out my wardrobe 
My Cardinal  rule is if I haven't wore it in the last six months it's getting thrown out 
And the thing that stops me keeping sentimental clothes is the idea that I can at any time buy new clothes! 
Some of my other rules to de clutter

Image result for cleaning out your closet

# 1 I make sure I try everything on to see if the fit is still good

#2 I divide my clothes into spring / summer/ Autumn/ winter there is no point in keeping out your woolly jumpers in the middle of summer etc 

#3 NEVER keep a top ,jeans  or dress in a smaller size in the hope you will fit into it
I understand that this is what some people do to get them motivated to lose weight but it can just clutter up your wardrobe

Hope you Guys enjoyed that