Thursday, 16 February 2012

celebrity slim

Hi Guys
I have decided to start my version of the celebrity slim diet,
and after one month i lost 1 stone and 3 lbs im so happy with this diet so easy perfect for me im always busy and its so handy with the snack bars and the shakes,
The diet is a meal replacement diet so you replace two of ur main meals with shakes I replace my breakfast and my evening dinner and normally have a chicken salad  for my lunch it has become the norm for me now but it wasnt always so easy.
The first week was horrible i use to shake from withdrawls and non stop headaches i mean going to sleep with them waking up with them but I stuck with it and it worked 7lb in one week couldnt believe it.
Week two came and past another 4 lbs it was gettin easier the headaches stoped I started to go on forums looking for helpful tips what to have for a snack etc and the best exercise  as the diet does not require  exercise i didnt want to push my body to far  but as the weeks went on I found that I had more and more energy which was great i started to feel lighter and dropped a dress size.
Although i havent always stuck too the diet I will keep at it till i reach my goal.