Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My foot care routeen summer '15

Hi guys 
As it's summer it's time flip flops and sandals and that mean getting your feet looking good and if your anything like me my feet are neglected during winter and spring 
So these are a few things that help me 

Step one I use the Scholl velvet smooth foot pedi this is great to get rid of all the dead skin
Image result for scholl velvet smooth

Step two I soak my feet in a basin with luke warm water  and
a pea size of dove hand wash
Image result for foot soak
Step three I then lather my feet in a foot cream my favourite one is
Soap and Glory Heel Genius 
Image result for foot lotion
Step four I put my feet in bed socks and let the cream soak in over night this helps to lock in the moisture 
Image result for lotion bed socks
Step five  pick out a cute nail polish and your ready to go!
Image result for paint toenails
Hope you guys 
Enjoyed that
C- ya 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Absolute beauty Mark stamper

Hi guys 
I want to introduce you to a product that is genius it's the Absolute Beauty Mark
 What is it?
Its a temporary tattoo in a felt tip pen! 
I have always wanted a tattoo but its a big commitment and I have always gone back and forth about getting one so when I got this little gem I was delighted I have the heart one there are three type a heart one a star one and a Flower one 

How to use
Place the beauty mark stamper over your skin wherever you want to apply it and press down for two seconds and voila you have your perfect tattoo

 after I'm finished I take a translucent powder and dust over just to keep everything  in place 
Don't worry if it comes out a bit wobbly the beauty with this you can just wash away and start again!
My thoughts 
I love it and especially being in the middle of festival season now it's the perfect accessory
I love this so much I actually really want the star one

Check them out 

Hope you guys enjoyed that 
C- ya soon

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Style Guru July 2015

Hi guys 
I have decided to share with you each month my style guru a person who style I'm loving 
This month it has been Lauren Conrad

I Think Lauren is always so chic I love her style 
Who is your Style Guru?
Hope you Guys enjoyed that 
C-ya soon

June favourites

Hi guys 
I know I say it all the time but I can't believe how quickly the month has gone! Anyways here are my favourites for the month 
Tigi catwalk range I have always been of the ideas that spending a lot on shampoo/ conditioner was a waste because your just washing it down the sink however once I smelt this in the shop I needed to have it and it also make your hair feel amazing 
Beauty blender yes I finally caved I got this at the start of the month and am obsessed with it it really does give you a flawless finish 

Fullips I bought this when I believed that this was really how Kylie Jenner got her signature pout even though it really wasn't how she did get her pout this really does work!

Blogger I have really enjoyed jotting down ideas for blog posts on the go
Image result for blogger
TV show hands down pretty little liars love it and this season has become so tense check it out if you haven't 
Image result for pretty little liars season 5
What is your favourites?
C-ya soon