Saturday, 30 June 2012

June Favourites

Hi guys today I wanted to share with you my June Favourites

I actually have a lot of favourites this mostly  make- up and skin care
Firstly is a product I have been loving for my hair I go to the gym a lot and with sweating and showering all the time my hair is drying out I was using the body shop cocounut oil but lately I just cant stand the smell. I tried the Extraordinary Oil by L'oreal and I loved it it makes my hair so shiny without looking greasy and so so soft love it.

L'oreal rouge carress sweet berry  I love this colour  for me its the perfect your lips but better colour for me and its so moisturising on your lips.

Smashbox trio in the colour Micro Film I used this at the start of the month I use the brown colour to fill in my brows and the cream colour over my lid just for a natural look.

No.7 eyebrow this what I have used for the last week or two of the month love the colour and it has a brush at the end  for combing ur brows after which its great                                                   

Mac strobe cream This is great  it give your skin a luminous look making your skin look so healthy with a beautiful glow I kind of wish I found this product years ago

Nivea toner I have to say this is amazing it refreshes your skin so nicely granted there are better toners but I got this for two euro in my local supermarket last month and ya cant beat that!
St Tropze due to the lack of sun in Ireland this has become my new best friend

Clean Girls It will be no surprise this is still my favourite shower gel its like washing my self in body lotion

Soap and glory  daily smooth body butter love love love this espesially after a shower it  makes my skin so soft

hope you guys enjoyed that  c-ya soon xx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tip Thursday

Hi Guys today is Tip Thursday
Have you very gotten a piece of jewelery that wasnt real gold or silver but had the look of silver or gold and a couple days later your wrist , neck or finger  turns green!

well usually what I do is before I start to where it  is to take some clear nail polish and brush it all over the piece of jewelery  and leave to dry it kind of acts like another layer to keep the gold or silver plating on, it wont last for ever put it should hold for longer than with out it!
Hope you enjoy that  c-ya soon xx

Monday, 25 June 2012

L'oreal Extraordinary Oil

Hi Guys today I wanted to give you my thoughts on the new L'Oreal Extraordinary oil

This a new product out for L'Oreal which seems to strike a very close resemblance to the Kerastase Elixir Ultime

 and being that they both belong to L'Oreal its not to strange it has been brought out with the Elive line of products of  L'Oreal and seems to be a cheaper version of the Kerastase Elixir Ultime.
I have never tried any of the Kerastase product yet due to the fact that they are so expensive in Ireland. So I cant really compare the two but what I have heard from others they seem to be pretty similar.

It can be use before shampooing the hair, before styling your hair and after to finish your styling
I personally love this product I have just use it to finish my hair style and it works a dream I was a bit concerned that it would make my hair greasy but not at all.
I take two pumps of the oil and rub it between my palms then rub the oil into my hair and straight away it makes my hair soft and shiny and feels so silky I really like the smell also, I know not everyone like it but I do it reminds me of the products that my hairdresser uses on me it a very floral scent.
The look of the bottle is very chic its actually a glass bottle which I think is very luxurious although it does come at a cost of €14.99 very expensive seen as in England it only at the £9.99 mark. I didn't pay full price and to be honest I would either and I really do like this product, I got it at half price at my local supermarket I generally neglect my hair and never have a problem paying out for make up but hair care I don't slash out on I suppose I really should well I'll start with this and see how I go!!!
Hope you guys enjoyed that c-ya soon xx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Nail of The Day

Hi Guys I'm back again with another Nail of The Day!
First of all I started with a look I used a while ago using the Ciate nail polish in Purple Sherbet
And then put  the bourjois rainbow glitter colour gel nail polish on top
This is the result a cute girlie purple glitter look !:)

I love this polish it has a wide brush which fits my nails perfect so it really was a 1 second polish and it dried very quickly too

OK hope you guys enjoyed that c-ya soon xx

Friday, 22 June 2012

Fragrance Friday

Hi Guys today I want to share with you a fragrance I came across its Lady Ga Ga's Fragrance

This is the singers first Fragrance  and has described it as 'well-balanced blend of pulverised apricot ,crushed heart of tiger orchidea, essence of saffron and honey drops as well as mysterious components 'black veil of incense' and tears of belladonna'!!! So god only knows what that will smell like I have to say I do love Lady Ga Ga's quirky personality and cant wait to try this out It wont be released till near the end of the summer!
Lady Ga Ga's is not the first singer to transition into releasing a fragrance  from P Diddy's to Beyonce the trend of the celebrity fragrance seems to be growing with everyone wanting a piece of the pie!
Ok hope you Guys  enjoyed that  c-ya soon xx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tip Thursday

Hi Guys today is Tip Thursday and today's tip is a D.I.Y eyebrow tamer!!

I have to say my eyebrows are the worst they never stay in place :(  in the last few years I have invested in brow products that set my brows in place and they work great but I recently ran out of my M.A.C one and I'm a good two hours drive to my nearest mac counter

 So I thought id revert back to what I use to do when I was younger

What I use to do was use my old toothbrush and sprayed it with hair spray and just comb it into my brows and it works great its also great to tame fly away hairs too!
hope you guys enjoyed that c- ya soon xx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

June Glossy Box

Hi Guys its that time again my Glossy Box has arrived!!
In this months one are the following

Glossy Box pro Beauty Brush  Very sleek and made from natural goat hair it a blush brush which made me happy as my dog decided to chew my last one!!

HD Brows Precision Tweezers  Its great to always have a back up tweezers especially from such a great brand such as HD Brows!

BM Beauty Summer warmth bronzer  This is a multi- purpose pure- mineral bronzer this is so tiny great for your handbag for the summer so you always look like a bronzed goddess!!

Green People Sun lotion SPF 15   This was great to seen in there its always a must to use a SPF and this handy travel size is great it also has a tan accelerator because lets face it who wants to wait for a beautiful tan!!

Derma blend Ultra -Corrective  Foundation Cream Stick   This is very interesting to me its a camouflage foundation stick for minor to severe skin flaws it came in a starter kit sample with six sample shades I don't really have bad skin but we all have bad skin days and this will be perfect  for that!

If any of this interests you why not check out Glossy Box
OK guys hope you enjoyed that c- ya soon xx

Monday, 18 June 2012

Bourjois Magic nail polish remover

Hi guys today I wanted to review a product I recently bought its the Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover
I have been wanting this ever since i heard about it but its only lately I have seen it in shops so I had to grab it I know its a bit silly to be excited about a nail polish remover but hey its the little things in life that make me smile!!
Its such a simple idea I'm surprise no one has created it earlier
All you have to do is but your finger of the nail you want the nail varnish off  into the bottles sponges press into the  sponge and wipe for a few seconds and voila polish free!

Not only is this a quick and easy product but it actually smells nice it states it has a red fruits and vanilla fragrance and it really does it amazing Its around the €6.99 mark in boots and at the moment boots are running a 3 for 2 offer which is always great
This product has my stamp of approval!

OK hope you guys enjoyed that c-ya soon xx

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Nail of the day

Hi guys Today I wanted to share with you my Nail of The Day!
A friend of mine gave this to me I believe it was free in the Marie Claire magazine its from the Ciate polish line called Purple Sherbet
I have to say I never really wear bright colours on my nails but I taught  this looked cute and it was different
I got my look from two coats  of this I have used ciate polishes before  and have to say I think they
are brilliant and very strong and are usually chip free for a very long time which is great  for me !!

                                                        Ok hope you guys enjoyed that
                                                                    c- ya soon

Saturday, 16 June 2012

oops another little haul!!

Hi Guys today I was very bored so I decided to take my self into town
for a bit of retail therapy!!
I picked up a few little pieces :)

I never really was interested in the Bourjois range I rather use high end make up but if I am using high st / drug store make - up I normally stick with Maybelline or L' oreal however ever since I heard about the Bourjois new 1 second  nail polish remover I have wanted it I'm not too sure the price as it was free with the 3 for 2 offer in boots I think it was around the €6.99 mark

Another Bourjois product I was looking for was the Delice De soleil  bronzing powder it has a really handy compact with a swivel mirror very handy to have.
It has Cocoa bean and orange blossom extract for Radiance and Hydration it also has an SPF of 15 which is always a plus the only down side it does have shimmer in it but swatched out the shimmer is not too noticeable this was €12.70 in boots.


As Bourjois was 3 for 2 in Boots I picked up a gel nail polish it was €8.12 a bit pricey for a drug store / high st polish but it was pretty and I needed a third product for the 3 for 2 offer!  I don't really see a name  on it its a rainbow glitter polish I'm going to use it in a Nail of the day soon.

There was also an offer on in boots that when you buy 3 Bourjois products you get  a pair of sunglasses I always like to have a spare pair of sun glasses for driving etc these do look a little bit over sized on me but still fun and they also have a cute sunglasses pouch

As I was in boots I decided to cash in my no.7 voucher and my selected perfume voucher
and got a concealer brush  with the no.7 voucher and got the mini Calvin Klein  CK one  shock

I also got Gosh primer  as it was on sale for €12.99 marked down from  €19.99 figured I would try it,  primer is something I always forget about but I'm looking forward to trying this, it has a velvet touch similar to the smash box photo finish.                                                                                                                               

Lastly I picked up the Body Shop Coconut oil hair shine this was recommend to me from my personal trainer in the gym because my hair seems to be drying out she recommend this as kind of a moisturiser for my hair you would wash,dry and style your hair and then rub this oil in which gives your hair lovely shine and leaves a lovely coconut scent.

Hope you guys enjoyed that c-ya soon xx