Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tip Thursday

Hi Guys today is Tip Thursday and today's tip is a D.I.Y eyebrow tamer!!

I have to say my eyebrows are the worst they never stay in place :(  in the last few years I have invested in brow products that set my brows in place and they work great but I recently ran out of my M.A.C one and I'm a good two hours drive to my nearest mac counter

 So I thought id revert back to what I use to do when I was younger

What I use to do was use my old toothbrush and sprayed it with hair spray and just comb it into my brows and it works great its also great to tame fly away hairs too!
hope you guys enjoyed that c- ya soon xx


  1. I've never thought of that, what a great idea :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. Oooo this is a good idea. I will be trying this! Thanks for the comment on my blog...I'm following you now :)