Sunday, 15 July 2012

Get to know me Tag!

 Hi Guys I guess I should have done this ages ago but her is the get to know me tag!

The Questions:

Name    Martina Curran
Nicknames  Maz, Mart, Marzipan, Boo Boo
Birthday      19/10/1984
Place of Birth  Kilkenny City, Ireland
Star Sign      Libra
Occupation   Health and Beauty Sales assistant

Hair colour Dark brown hair but I'm a natural blonde
Hair length  Shoulder length
Eye colour Blue eyes
Braces  None
Piercings Just my ears
Tattoos  None
Righty of Lefty  Righty

Best friend My neighbour Noreen
Award Cant remember what its called but it was for playing the violin
Sport Soccer with my brother all the time
Real Holiday Grand Canaria with three of my friends
Concert  David Gray

Film  Grease
TV Show Revenge
Colour Purple
Song  Need you now
Restaurant Italian Connection
Store New look
Book Nemesis
Magazine More
Shoes Wedge shoes

Feeling Sick
Single or Taken Taken
Eating Nothing
Listening to Friends
Thinking about going to town
Watching Friends
Wearing My P.J's

Want Children Yes
Want to be married Yes
Careers in mind Anything to do with beauty
Where do you want to live America

Do you believe in:
God Yes
Miracles Yes
Love at first sight Yes
Ghosts No
Aliens No
Soul Mates Yes
Heaven Yes
Hell No
Kissing on the first date Yes if it feels right
Yourself  Sometimes

Hope you guys enjoyed that  I tag all my beautiful followers to do the same xx
C-ya soon xx


  1. I chose you for The Liebster Blog Award, check out my post at

  2. This is a really cool post, I love getting to know the writer behind the blog xxx

  3. I've tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award :)

    Please come and check it out & do the same for others

  4. Love this tag! Love getting to know a blogger :) Following!

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  5. my first concert was also david gray ahah! xo