Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Garnier Ambre Solaire BB creams

Hi Guys
As I was shopping yesterday I notice among  the sun cream there were new BB creams out made by Garnier very similar to the BB creams they already have out although I really think they are more of a facial sunscreen with a hint of colour  it does promise to
- illuminate and even skin tone
-Hydrate skin
-protect against sun - induced skin damage
-protect against anti -dark spots
(SPF 50)

(SPF 30)
  Perfect for anyone travelling they could use this as there SPF and foundation in one
What I did find strange was there was no light or medium shades just the one universal which I have to say is very dark even for me I would normally use the Granier BB cream  in light
this I cant imagine would work very well on fair skin
I did wear these and really wasn't too impressed they really didn't hold up that long as in the other BB cream would last on me up to about 6-7 hours this one maybe 2-3 hours I do know that you would normally re-apply sunscreen a lot more anyway but with something like this with colour its not the most convenient it would mean bringing a mirror with you etc
however it is a great idea and I'm sure on someone with a medium-dark skin tone

what do you guys think of theses??
C-ya soon xxx


  1. Look too dark for me but LOVE that they have an SPF 50 in them!

  2. great post, these look like a good idea but I agree that they are way to dark!

  3. Amazing products! really great:)