Thursday, 18 June 2015

Wedding ideas #1 diy flip flop basket

Hi guys 
So I'm still wedding planning like crazy and if my wedding is anything like my pintrest wedding it will be amazing! 
I'm trying to always add unique little touches everyday and I know I normally talk about beauty but I thought it would be nice to mix it up with some of my wedding picks too. 
So as I'm sure you know weddings can cost a pretty penny and really there is so much you can do your self to lessen the cost and in the same way to can add cute little touches for less so this was one of mine 
I got the idea from my friends wedding she had set up a anything you need basket in the bathroom and there were a pair of flip flops that I quickly grabed because being a bridesmaid is no joke! Your running around all day in heels so I thought if there were a pretty big selection people would appreciate it just as I did 

Everything was purchased in penny's/primark 
Hope you guys enjoy that 
C-ya soon 

Friday, 5 June 2015

Hi guys 
If your anything like me your obsessed with make up 
However I really get confused on which colours to pick out and in the past using the samples on my arm never seems to be the right match for my face as I have freckles and discolouration 
so many choices to choose from warm to cool to neutral
So I tend to stick to the same foundation to save me from going crazy
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However I have now found a solution
The Website

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All you need to do is enter in the foundation that you know is your perfect match and it will load up the same shade in other foundation brand

Hope you guys
enjoyed that