Monday, 15 October 2012

Avene Eau Thermale TriAcneal

Hi guys
Today I wanted to review a product that I was luckily given from an amazing event from the people of Avene Eau Thermale range I got to see there amazing new product range that are up coming in Ireland and I will be sure to talk about them in upcoming post however today I want to share with you this really great product  TriAcneal it is for oily blemish prone skin.
It has three active ingredients:

Efectiose which is an anti-inflammatory which will help reduce redness, swelling and soreness often linked to pimples.

Retinaldehyde which preventing thickening of the skin and the formation of black heads and unblocks the pores it also reduces the risk of post- Inflammatory  scarring.

Glycolic Acid which has a surface peeling effect to smooth the skin.

Personally I have more normal slightly dry skin and I am very luck not to have spots In fact I really cant remember the last time Ive had a spot well that was until I woke up yesterday and had two pretty big ones on my face.

So I thought no better time than now to test it out I would have put it on that morning however it states in the instructions it is to be used in the evening so I waited and that evening put it on I kind of tingled on the skin but I figured it was ok as in the instruction it said this might happen plus it felt like it was doing something
The results  
I don't suffer from extreme  breakout to be honest I rarely get them at all  
 and this result was after a day
This amazing product retails for €27 and is available from most Boots pharmacy's and I believe Boots have a great 3 for 2 offer on so my advice go out and stock up its a must have for beautiful clear clean skin 
Hope that was helpful
C-Ya soon xx


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    1. Its really good so glad I have it really recommend it hun xx

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