Wednesday, 29 April 2015

L'oreal Skin Perfection Miracle cleansing Oil

Hi  Guys 
Today's recommendation comes from L'oreal 
Its their Miracle cleaning Oil 
I have seen this for a while but never really thought too much of it ,simply another cleanser that was never going to compare to my Bioderma so I over looked it but when I was flooded with recommendations by all the ladies in work I simply had to try it!

How does it work?
You just pump three drops into your fingertips and massage the oil into your skin , your eyebrows your lashes everything!
  the make up just starts to melt away 
then just rinse your face with warm water and your done!

Does it work?
It removes all my make up especially my eye make up with such ease I couldn't believe how effortless it was my skin feels so better from using it to 
Your skin will feel amazing afterwards it claims to help re-balance the natural oil production and restores an optimum levels of hydration in your skin
and I totally agree my skin feels so soft and nourished after I use it 
It doesn't feel horrible for being an oil it has an non greasy , non dry feel .

definitely a 10/10 beauty product for me
What do you guys think?
C-ya soon