Tuesday, 18 March 2014

NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer

Hi Guys

As I was shopping today I came across the NYC stand and realised a part from the polishes and one lip gloss I had never really tried anything else and was delighted that they had a primer for only €4.35 

I wanted to try their foundation but I have five on the go and really need to get through them so decided to pick this up instead
This in the shade 684 not too sure if they have other shades this was the only one where I bought it 
Its a white iridescence lotion very light weight it does feel kinda sticky once you put it on but that feeling goes away quickly
It is quiet sparkly on the skin which could be quiet off putting but I think it would bring a nice glow to your skin in the summer
Unlike most primers that feel silicone to touch this is more of a lotion
as a primer its not really any better than you putting your own moisturiser on the only thing that really lasts is the shimmer it stays on your skin even after your make up has faded
To be honest it would not be my first choice for primer however I might consider using it as a skin illuminater
hope you guys enjoyed that
C-ya soon

My morning routine

Hi guys 
I thought Id share my morning routine
 Usually I try to stay in bed for as long as possible so for me preparation for the the day ahead is key for me and being organised has just helped me so much. 
So when I wake up I try to brush my hair I have extremely thick hair and at the moment it also very long so I like to have it up and out of my face 
then I move on to brushing my teeth my tooth paste at the moment is Oral B 3D white Brilliance
I do love this toothpaste it really has whiten my teeth and leaves my teeth fresh and clean

I then move on to my face I have to say I love to use a facial scrub in the morning
 because I feel I get that truly clean feel
I use L' oreal perfect clean  this smells so fresh and pleasant 
I usually then wet my face and neck again to make sure all the exfoliating beads are gone 
I then wipe my face with a cotton pad soaked with bioderma 

my last step is putting on Olay total effects 7 moisturiser & serum
love this I got this on a whim as it was on special offer and so glad I did it also has spf 20
so I have everything I need to start my day

hope you guys enjoyed that
C-ya soon

Purchase of the week

Hi guys

This weeks Purchase is Urban Decays Naked 3 
I have to say I wanted this since I have seen the first few pictures of it but seen as this was sold out from day one it took me this long to get it 
I have the naked 2  and use it everyday so I'm so excited to try this one out 
It retails for €40 in Debenhams

What do you guys think, will you be getting it?

Monday, 17 March 2014


Hi guys 
I'm trying to get into the spirit of spring so I decided to pull out an old favourite 
Essie mint candy apple
and as its St Patrick's day its my splash of green!

This was very hyped last year but I was never really interested however I was looking through my polishes this morning and I was really drawn to it 
I got this look from two coats 
What do you guys think??
C-ya soon 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

My night time routine

Hi guys 
Today I thought I would share my night time routine 
 I scoop my hair back out of my face 
then I take a cotton pad soaked in bioderma and use a few of these to try get all the make up off
      My fav cotton wool pads are the lidl ones and they are very affordable!                                                        


After this I get into the shower I much prefer night time shower I love that cosy fresh feel of getting into my PJ's and fresh sheets
while in the shower I wash my face  with
 L'oreal perfect clean
I then use a night cream I have been using No.7  night cream

have to say I'm not really loving this but I have no other night cream and ill wait till I'm finished with it  to truly see if I like it
I have always kept my skincare simple and never suffer from breakouts
to some of you im sure this seem very little but it works for me
Hope you guys enjoyed that 
C-ya  soon