Saturday, 15 March 2014

My night time routine

Hi guys 
Today I thought I would share my night time routine 
 I scoop my hair back out of my face 
then I take a cotton pad soaked in bioderma and use a few of these to try get all the make up off
      My fav cotton wool pads are the lidl ones and they are very affordable!                                                        


After this I get into the shower I much prefer night time shower I love that cosy fresh feel of getting into my PJ's and fresh sheets
while in the shower I wash my face  with
 L'oreal perfect clean
I then use a night cream I have been using No.7  night cream

have to say I'm not really loving this but I have no other night cream and ill wait till I'm finished with it  to truly see if I like it
I have always kept my skincare simple and never suffer from breakouts
to some of you im sure this seem very little but it works for me
Hope you guys enjoyed that 
C-ya  soon 

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