Monday, 25 June 2012

L'oreal Extraordinary Oil

Hi Guys today I wanted to give you my thoughts on the new L'Oreal Extraordinary oil

This a new product out for L'Oreal which seems to strike a very close resemblance to the Kerastase Elixir Ultime

 and being that they both belong to L'Oreal its not to strange it has been brought out with the Elive line of products of  L'Oreal and seems to be a cheaper version of the Kerastase Elixir Ultime.
I have never tried any of the Kerastase product yet due to the fact that they are so expensive in Ireland. So I cant really compare the two but what I have heard from others they seem to be pretty similar.

It can be use before shampooing the hair, before styling your hair and after to finish your styling
I personally love this product I have just use it to finish my hair style and it works a dream I was a bit concerned that it would make my hair greasy but not at all.
I take two pumps of the oil and rub it between my palms then rub the oil into my hair and straight away it makes my hair soft and shiny and feels so silky I really like the smell also, I know not everyone like it but I do it reminds me of the products that my hairdresser uses on me it a very floral scent.
The look of the bottle is very chic its actually a glass bottle which I think is very luxurious although it does come at a cost of €14.99 very expensive seen as in England it only at the £9.99 mark. I didn't pay full price and to be honest I would either and I really do like this product, I got it at half price at my local supermarket I generally neglect my hair and never have a problem paying out for make up but hair care I don't slash out on I suppose I really should well I'll start with this and see how I go!!!
Hope you guys enjoyed that c-ya soon xx

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