Tuesday, 18 March 2014

NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer

Hi Guys

As I was shopping today I came across the NYC stand and realised a part from the polishes and one lip gloss I had never really tried anything else and was delighted that they had a primer for only €4.35 

I wanted to try their foundation but I have five on the go and really need to get through them so decided to pick this up instead
This in the shade 684 not too sure if they have other shades this was the only one where I bought it 
Its a white iridescence lotion very light weight it does feel kinda sticky once you put it on but that feeling goes away quickly
It is quiet sparkly on the skin which could be quiet off putting but I think it would bring a nice glow to your skin in the summer
Unlike most primers that feel silicone to touch this is more of a lotion
as a primer its not really any better than you putting your own moisturiser on the only thing that really lasts is the shimmer it stays on your skin even after your make up has faded
To be honest it would not be my first choice for primer however I might consider using it as a skin illuminater
hope you guys enjoyed that
C-ya soon

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