Monday, 27 July 2015

Absolute beauty Mark stamper

Hi guys 
I want to introduce you to a product that is genius it's the Absolute Beauty Mark
 What is it?
Its a temporary tattoo in a felt tip pen! 
I have always wanted a tattoo but its a big commitment and I have always gone back and forth about getting one so when I got this little gem I was delighted I have the heart one there are three type a heart one a star one and a Flower one 

How to use
Place the beauty mark stamper over your skin wherever you want to apply it and press down for two seconds and voila you have your perfect tattoo

 after I'm finished I take a translucent powder and dust over just to keep everything  in place 
Don't worry if it comes out a bit wobbly the beauty with this you can just wash away and start again!
My thoughts 
I love it and especially being in the middle of festival season now it's the perfect accessory
I love this so much I actually really want the star one

Check them out 

Hope you guys enjoyed that 
C- ya soon

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