Friday, 29 April 2016

Sleek Cream contour kit light

Hi Guys 
Thanks to Kim Kardashian everyone is gone contour crazy and I have to admit I have really wanted to create that chiselled look myself  
However finding the right balance of highlighter and bronzer has never appealed to me but I seen this new palette of cream contours and decided to give it ago 

  completely confused where to start I was delighted that there was a cheat sheet included to help you on which colour goes where  

          The results

     My thoughts 
I am by no means an expert on make up however I really like the results. The pallet was very easy to apply the only negative I would say is the bronzer shades at a touch orange considering it is the light pallet 
however the highlighter shade brighten your skin beautifully 
I got this pallet in Sam McCauley Pharmacy for €13.99
 What do you Guys think?




  1. I always hear great things about Sleek makeup! And this looks like a great set. It's awesome that instructions came with it as well!

    1. I'm so glad they had instructions I'm so clueless!!!