Friday, 29 April 2016

Spring clean

Hi guys 
Seen as it's spring it's time to De clutter and my first task is clean out my wardrobe 
My Cardinal  rule is if I haven't wore it in the last six months it's getting thrown out 
And the thing that stops me keeping sentimental clothes is the idea that I can at any time buy new clothes! 
Some of my other rules to de clutter

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# 1 I make sure I try everything on to see if the fit is still good

#2 I divide my clothes into spring / summer/ Autumn/ winter there is no point in keeping out your woolly jumpers in the middle of summer etc 

#3 NEVER keep a top ,jeans  or dress in a smaller size in the hope you will fit into it
I understand that this is what some people do to get them motivated to lose weight but it can just clutter up your wardrobe

Hope you Guys enjoyed that