Sunday, 20 May 2012

Yankee Candles

Hi Guys today I wanted to share my favourite candle brand Yankee Candle they have the most amazing scents and really spot on to the name of the candle.

 My personal favourite in the collection is Black Cherry

Although it is hard to pick just one scent I love how this smells.
Its a beautiful rich fruity sweet Black Cherry scent
They range in price from €22 to €2 depending on the size jar if I could recommend to you any candle it would be Black Cherry (shock horror !)  and the large jar size 22oz, (623g) due to the fact the burn time is longer from 110-150 hours
I buy my candles from  they have shops in Waterford, and Naas co. Kildare
They are so helpful and friendly in there.
There are always amazing offers too check out their website
 (just in case your wondering I don't work for Yankee Candle or I just love their company! )

hope you guys enjoy that guys c-ya soon xx

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