Saturday, 14 July 2012

tanning gone wrong!! :(


Yikes! Theses picture is what you never want to look like but I think in some way maybe not as great as this picture but we have all had an oompa loompa moment and over the years Ive my little S.O.S Tan Tool box which includes

Cotton Buds    I use theses to smooth across my hairline and eyebrows to wipe away excess tan and stop hair from turning orange!

Lemon   Lemons are great for lightening dark patches all you have to do is rub a Lemon wedge on the area.

Flannel  I usually rub a dry flannel over streaks this buffing  action will blend away any patches .

Vaseline   I have to say Vaseline is my holy grail I use it for a hundred different uses when tanning it is perfect as the greasy texture makes colour slip off I use a thick layer over my nails hairline

hope you guys enjoyed that
C-ya soon xx


  1. That last lady looks hilarious!

  2. I know crazy dont ya know she thinks she is gorgeous!!

  3. Wowzers thats some serious tanning, what were they thinking???