Friday, 13 July 2012

5 steps to sun-kissed skin

Step one
Its vital that skin is clean and smooth to ensure your glow looks even and glamorous, so shave off any unwanted hair and use an exfoliator to remove dead skin before hand
make sure you get the areas where tan can build-up like the neck, ankles,wrists, knees

Step two
Moisturise! To prevent patchy areas, its essential to apply a thin layer of moisturiser over dry areas in the same places that you have added extra exfoliator to your knees, elbows,wrists etc

Step three
Always us a tanning mit or latex gloves there is no more obvious sign that you have used fake tan is orange  palms!

Step four
Don't forget your hand as much as you don't want orange palms you also don't want pale white palms so use little amount for your hands. as well as your hands don't forget your feet

Step five
To keep your tan looking fresh moisturise daily and start exfoliating after two or three days to help the colour fade evenly and prepare skin for your next tan.
try to avoid very oily body lotion because they stop self tan from penetrating your skin and break down existing  colour try instead to use water-based lotion
hope you guys  enjoyed that
C-ya soon xx


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