Saturday, 14 July 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Hi Guys  yesterday I went into town and picked up the new Revlon Just bitten lip balm stain I purchased 001 Honey Douce I was intrigued with theses since I heard about them as I always wanted to try the clinque chubby stick and heard theses were a dupe for them and nearly more than half the price .

 €19 for the Chubby Stick and €8 for the Revlon ones I was happy to purchase theses instead although I cant really compare the two as I don't have the chubby sticks,
However I do like theses most lip stains I have tried have dried out my lip this one is different as it didn't dry my lips out I'm guessing its due to the fact that it has a lip balm injected into it.
When you apply it to your lip it has a mint scent but it doesn't linger the colour I got is a nice natural colour

Hope you guys enjoy that
C-Ya soon xx


  1. I have ordered two of these, I want the Clinique chubby sticks too but they are just so expensive! That looks like a lovely natural shade, this review was really helpful I cant wait for mine to arrive now :) x

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  3. I wish we still had Revlon over here in Finland... if Ive understood everything correctly they don´t sell Revlon anywhere in Finland anymore :/
    I loved Revlon
    These Just bitten lip balm stains really look amazing :)

    1. thats a pity hun I did a post on a swap if anyone was intrested check it out