Monday, 4 June 2012

Mini haul

Hi Guys well its the June Bank holiday and as the weather was very depressing I decided to cheer my self up buy buying my self a few little beauty treats :)
I got three L'Oreal products  two Caresse lipsticks and the Nude Magique BB cream and finally a Revlon lip butter
I have been wanting to pick theses up for ages so it was nice to treat my self I got theses in boots it was brilliant because L'Oreal was 3 for 2  and the Revlon butters were discounted also there was a points event on so it was happy days for me!

First up is the L'Oreal Nude Magique I love this product and have wanted it for ages although the price had but me off as it was €15.39 every time i would into boots i loved trying it out on my hand I love how it would go from white cream to  blending into the colours of your skin I have only tried on my hand so when I did use it on my face I it did feel a little grainy but the finish is really beautiful and natural.

Next product is  Revlon Lip butter in the colour 050 Berry Smoothie

This colour is great a kind of your lips but better the lip butter are very moisturising  and seem to stay on your lips for such a long times
the price of this was €8.18 in boots on offer marked down from €11.18
Next I got two of the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lip sticks  these are amazing they are so light weight such a nice pop of colour on your lips they feel so nice to.
I usually find it hard just to wear a lip stick just because of the feel some can be so drying on your lips but not theses its like they have a lip balm or a gloss in the lipstick  its self its such a nice feeling I keep reapplying for that feeling even thou it still on your lip really good I would really recommend this lip stick they cost €12.19 in boots and were part of a 3 for the price of two offer.
The colours I got were 101 Tempting Lilac 103 Sweet Berry

                                                                 (Tempting Lilac )

                                                                   (Sweet Berry)

Hope you guys enjoy that c-ya soon xx


  1. Nice haul, You have a nice blog :) i am now following you. xxxx