Friday, 10 June 2016

Micr O nail

Hi Guys 
When I was shopping today I came across Micro Nail 
in boots for only €10!
I couldn't believe it I have seen these previously retail for €49 
so I had to purchase!

What is in the box?
four rollers 
- two smooth rollers 
- two shine rollers
two battery's
roller device

Micro Nail is perfect for on the go it quickly buffs away any ridges and discolouration and leaves your nails with a beautiful shine for natural nails
your polish will glide on so perfectly with no streaks in sight
Micro Nail has two patented rollers.
   The first, 'Micro Smooth' roller is designed to buff away ridges, reduce staining  and help improve the appearance of dryness.
The second , 'Micro shine ' roller works in seconds to leave your nails with a beautiful high shine

                   Before                                                                   After

What do you guys think?

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  1. Oh wow, the difference is so so noticeable. This looks like an amazing product.