Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Romantic bear Lip Peel in Cherry Red

Hi Guys 
I recently came across a video on instagram of a girl putting on what looks like a lip gloss only to peel it of to a beautiful lip stain 
I haven't seen anything like this before so I really wanted to try it and I found them on Groupon for a bargain Price of €3.99

What do you do?
Apply Lip Peel as a normal Lip Gloss 
allow to dry for ten minutes with your lips slightly apart 
be careful not to get any product in your mouth or on your teeth as it is a stain 
then peel off its that simple! 
I like to take a tissue and rub of any excess product  and finish up with a lip balm 

My thoughts 
I'm really impressed with this product I know waiting for ten minutes seem a little off putting but the result of the stain is gorgeous. 
However during the day it does seem to sink into any dry lines in your lips, 
so my advice would be to exfoliate your lips before you use this product and moisturise your lips.
This is also scented  of cherry so if you don't like scented products you might like this

What do you guys think?


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  1. What a cool product! I've never tried anything that peeled off before. This sounds so great!