Sunday, 17 May 2015

Madame LA LA West Coast

Hi Guys 
I want to share with you this amazing new a facial bronzing serum 
Madame LA LA 
West Coast

The results 
Instantly the skin tone is better 

How it work
 Infused with Coco Water & Green Tea to hydrate and brighten. Antioxidants Vitamin C and CQ10 combine with Vitamins A, E to protect skin and fight signs of ageing, boosting cellular renewal and collagen for a smooth complexion. The easy-to-apply tinted formula adapts to all skin tones and develops gradually. Use day or night
My thoughts 
I really like this product usually when a product promises to hydrate your skin they do a mediocre job so when I heard a bronzing serum would be hydrating I thought no way however as soon as I blended it into my face and neck I could feel how soft my skin felt straight away and not to mention. the colour pay off is gorgeous and I felt it evened out my skin tone 
I will say a little goes a long way and it is best to wear gloves as it can stain your hands and also  work it into your skin quickly for the best finish  
I can definitely see me using this and not wearing make up 
The best thing of all is no horrible fake tan smell 
In fact the first thing you smell is this gorgeous coconut /vanilla  sun holiday scent
If your interested in this product you can check it out here 

Hope you guys 
enjoyed that 
C-ya Soon 


  1. This sounds great. Hydration is always important....especially when you are looking to add a little colour!

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