Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Eylure Pro Brow Dye kit

Hi Guys
I haven't had the chance to get to my  beautician lately and the thought of just lying there getting treatments done while I  have 101 things to do work/ planning my wedding etc
so lately I stick to at home treatments and one of my favourites is  
 Eylure Pro Brow Dye Kit

Whats inside the box 
- An Applicator
-A Mascara wand
-A Colour Cream tube
-An Activator bottle

What do you do
Squeeze about 2ml of the colour cream into the little mixing pot that is in the package with about 3 drops of Activating solution and mix the two together with the Applicator
Apply the mixture to the brow /eyelashes with the mascara wand
leave on application for 5-10 Min's

The Results 

Forgive the bad picture but I love the results
I even get away without mascara with this
100% recommend this product
What do you guys think?
C-ya soon

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