Friday, 10 May 2013

A question on skin care

Hi Guys 
A question to you 
Do you guys ever use the full skin care collection that companies release together 
 I have to say I never really stick to the complete selections that are released together 
I have never had a problem with my skin I m pretty lucky that way but some times I wonder might I have a better result  from the whole collections  

What are your thoughts???
C-ya soon xxx


  1. I've got some of the full sets but I typically end up using just one or two of the products!

  2. I think that full collections compliment each other perfectly. I have recently bought the whole simple spotless range and they work together amazingly!!
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  3. I do have several products from a collection but right now I do use a different moisturizer than the moisturizer that come with the collection :)
    I use the Neutrogena pink grapefruit line for the most part but I also use a collection from Lumene Natural Code :)
    I have really sensitive skin and by using these back and forth I keep my skin under control :)

  4. I use the simply essentials eye makeup remover and face one and they're lovely but now I've tried the Micellar Solution from L'Oreal I kinda love it a lot more!

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  6. I keenly want to try nude product now. Specially the Garnier. I'm very particular about choosing skincare products. I have read its reviews from many blogs and now finally I came to conclusion that I should try it.

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  7. Lovely Greetings ,kisses <3

  8. I use a little bit of everything, i've never really stuck to one brand.

  9. I tend to mix and match products from different ranges, but I do like when everything goes together in a set too :)

  10. Thanks for all the feed back girls xx