Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tip Thursday!

Hi guys

Today's Tip is helping you choose your perfect Foundation 
Its best to test your foundation in day light , not under the fluorescent lights that are in the department stores 
I always tend to test the foundation on my neck because your main objective is to have your face and neck the same tone
usually In high end department stores there is a beauty adviser to help you colour match 
they are usually pretty generous as well and tend to give you a sample to see how ya like the foundation
if it is a pretty good match but your not interested or cant afford the higher end foundations you can always bring it into the drugstore / high street  
and match it to the more affordable brands
hope you enjoyed that 
C-ya soon xx


  1. Great advice! It can be a challenge to find the right shade sometimes.

  2. Amazing post, your blog is totally adorable!
    Love, Anna

  3. Love this post :)
    I hate the lights in the store cause they are so misleading :/