Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Empties no.1

Hi guys 
wow I cant believe this is my first post on empties I always seem to buy so many different shampoo, shower gels etc and always switch half way through using them that I never seem to finish one however in December I decided that I would not allow my self to buy anymore till I have a less cluttered bathroom shelf and it seems to be working  : )

First up is shampoo
Pantene Aqua light it was fine I generally pick up what ever shampoo is on offer in my local super market i would never really spend that much money that just wash down the drain so I'm never really that fussy this did have a really nice fresh scent I do really think Pantene is a good make so you really cant go wrong I wont be rushing out to repurchased this but it did the job! 

Next shampoo is L'oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition 
I have to say in the last few years I haven't liked this range of L'oreal shampoos I find them way too over perfumed and the pink one  which I believe is the nutri-gloss one actually make my hair look greasy so I never bothered with it in the last year or so but I must have bought two of these bottles when I did like them and I have to say I really liked it my hair seems so soft and shiny since I started using it again
 I would go out and buy this again 

Dove silky nourishment body cream 
Have to say wasn't really a fan of this I got the free from a coupon my local supermarket were giving out and I'm glad it was free I really don't think it did anything for my skin I was fine to use as a body lotion after the shower but I didn't really have that great of a smell or anything 
I will not be repurchasing this again

Super drug cotton soft baby wipes 
I love these super cheap but really good I use these for anything and everything they smell so good and the are actually really gentle on your skin 
I will be getting these again 

Nivea visage 
eye make up remover 
Not the best eye make up remover but to be honest I have no Patience for take off make up when I want it off I just want it off I tend to use waterproof mascara and this is just too gentle I kind of end up rubbing my eyes really hard to get it off which isn't good 
I wont be getting this again 

Garnier Invisi mineral in calm 
I liked this I used this before the gym and it holds up really well has a nice fresh kind of girlie floral scent (sorry for the bad description)
have repurchased this already 

Soap and Glory 
Mist you madly body spray 
Love this and have already got a new bottle 
you really cant go wrong with soap and glory 

And finally 
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
This was a gift by one of my best friend for my birthday a year or two ago and I couldn't believe it I love all things Chanel and she knew and kindly got me this I love it Its the most famine lady like classy  perfume
you really cant go wrong with this I already have purchased this again

Hope you guys enjoyed that 
C-ya soon xx


  1. The empty Chanel bottle made me a little sad haha! xx

    1. ha ha I know even when I was taking the picture I was trying to squeez a drop out !! xx

  2. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is my fave, ever! I could not live without it! x

  3. I love spray from Soap& Glory smells lovely. Nice things xx