Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Time for a pedi

Hi Guys well we seems to get getting something that resembles a summer here and I guess its time to sort out our bare skin

I'm always exfoliating my skin so its not too bad however my poor feet have been very neglected as of late stuck in boots or trainers not a stitch of polish :( and as I am broke after my holiday (well I'm always broke) I decided to do a DIY pedi.
I normally do this before I go away on a sun holiday 4 simple step and I'm gonna share them with you!

Step one  
Soak your feet ; Bathe your feet in warm water and milk for ten Min's (yes I know cringe) but the lactic acid that is in milk will soften rough skin!
I then put a deep  moisturising foot cream on and leave for a few Min's

Step two
File your nail; Please be careful when doing this do file nails too close to the corners and file from the outer edges into the centre in one direction rather than going back and forth as this can weaken the nail I would normally use a glass nail file I personally think they do a better job

Step three
Base coat ; I always do this but on your feet going away on a Holiday its a must I think a base coat will always keep your polish on longer

Step four
Choose the right polish; Try to pick the right colour that will match your flip flop Sandals etc


Hope you guys enjoyed that
C-Ya soon xxx


  1. I really need to give my nails some TLC!!



    1. the minute I sorted mine out the rain came!!!