Monday, 23 July 2012

Top Ten Flat-Tummy Foods

Hi Guys over the year from dieting I have learned a lot from exercise to the right foods to eat and I want to share it with all my lovely followers the following foods will keep you feeling fuller for longer, stop cravings and wont bloat you
1) Oats    these are slow release energy food that's easy to digest and packed with soluble fibre.

2) Berries  This is a low - GI, low-calorie, nutrient-packed easy snack for the sweet - toothed

3) Cucumber  This is a diuretic that helps flush out water retention

4 ) Natural Yogurt  Help for weight loss promoting calcium, filling protein and lots of gut-friendly probiotics to banish bloating

5) Quinoa  These are a great alternative to potatoes, rice and pasta and are rich with essential amino acids.

6) Melon  this is great for the skin very hydrating and the potassium in it is great to reduce bloating

7) Oily Fish  I know the thought of oily fish may turn a few stomachs but its great for your omega-3 essential fatty acids which are linked to fat burning .

8) Dark-Green Leafy Veg   I was always thought that that green is good and the more colourful the more sugar so I always try to pack a sandwich  or salads with spinach leafs

9) Monounsaturated Fatty Acids   Theses can be found in Nuts,Olives, Avocados etc theses are very filling and are suppose to brake down tummy fat

10 Pineapple  Pineapple are great  to ease with digestion and tastes yummy too

hope that was helpful
C-ya soon xx


  1. Very useful post :)! xx

    1. Thanks hun I have a few more posts like this just trying to fine tune them!

  2. Ah really great post, definitely didn't know Pineapples and Cucumbers were so good for those uses! Looking forward to more posts like these :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. thanks hun gonna try do a few more too xx