Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sober Sister!

Hi guys wanted to share something a little personal today. About five months ago I decided to give up drinking alcohol for no real reason but my diet at the time advised very little intake of alcohol wanting my diet to work I stayed off,  it really never bothered me I was never someone that needed a drink to have a good time and the last few times I was drinking I skipped drunk and went straight to hangover!:( I always hated dying of a hangover and not being able to drive so I'm quiet happy not drinking I don't have any problem with others drinking and having a good time each to their own!!:)
However I did come across an article the other showing some of the areas of damage on the body for instance
skin  Alcohol depletes vital skin nutrients, leaving your face looking dull and dry .
Repeated overindulgence can cause the blood vessels in your face to dilate permanently, red spidery veins.

Heart Binge drinking can cause rapid, irregular heartbeat.As a result the heart's less effective at pumping blood, which can lead to high blood pressure and other problem later in life.

Liver Breaking down alcohol releases toxic acetaldehyde, which can lead to liver cirrhosis

Brain Alcohol's a neurotoxin that damages brain cells and makes them swell.As its a depressant it can trigger episodes of depression and anxiety.

These are just a few  of  the problems overindulging on alcohol can cause. I don't mean this post to preach to not drink but just give the info and share with you.
C-Ya soon xx


  1. Congratulations on staying sober! Although it can be tough at the beginning not drinking while everyone around you is, in the end it's so much better! Like you said - no hangover, no sickness, you can drive, you don't do silly things, you remember what actually happened hehe and you keep your health! :)
    Thanks for sharing this! xx

  2. Well done! I'm currently debating weather to give up too and you may have just pushed me in the right direction:) x

  3. wow thanks guys I have to say I thought nobody would like this post but really happy you guys liked it thanks xx