Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mac's new collection

Hi Guys I just came from the  Mac website and seen one of their new collection and it looks so pretty

It called Casual Colours and con sits of a mineralized skin finish, studio fix mascara, prep and prime highlighter and four nail varnishes and finally the all in one lip and cheek colour.
Normally their collections are a bit dramatic however this whole collection looks amazing so wearable I haven't tried anything yet but trust me I will be!!
I'm on a complete lip care kick so needless to say I can not wait to try the casual colours all in one lip and cheeks

As I haven't actually seen the products in person they look like my kinda thing and that also means I don't have the prices for things but what I normally do is check the US price on the mac website and the are usually close to what the Irish prices are I'm not too sure if this will work in the rest of Europe but out of the US and  UK websites the US is normally the closest.
OK Guys I just wanted to share that with you  hope you guys enjoyed that  c-ya soon xxx 


  1. I wish I could be brave enough to order from the MAC website. Everyone raves about it but not having a store nearby I don't want to jump on the band wagon and realize I spent big bucks on stuff I really dislike or that don't suit me. Lol. I'm such a tit sometimes and worry over nothing!! xD

    Hope you are doing well hun,


  2. hey hun I totally see what you mean and I have to say the swatches on line half the time are nothing like what they are in person! what kind of make up do you use?? Im well hope you are too xxx