Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Nima Mit

Hi guys 
I wanted to share with you a product I found recently call the Nima Mitt
I have to say I have heard so much about the Make- up eraser but every time I tried to get my hands on it it was sold out so when I seen this I had to have it 
The Nima Mitt is from an Irish company called Nimabrush 

What is the Nima mitt 
It is an Eco-friendly make up removal mitt
Its made up of micro fibres that are woven very closely together so that when you add regular tap water to the mitt and wipe it on your face it removes all your make-up
That's all no cleansers, no soap no wipes
Just the mitt and some water

So does it work?
It removes all your make up so easily its just a dream for me. I am going non stop every day and its always so tedious to take time to go trough all the steps to take off my make up at the end of the night when I just want to collapse into a heap and fall asleep.
If I had maybe one negative thing to say is I did find it a little harder to get my eye make up off as appose to how quick and effortless it was for the rest of my face 
so Id say if you are someone who is heavy with eye make up and goes for a smokey eye, I would recommend you  use an eye make up remover it might loosen up the mascara so you aren't pulling and rubbing your eye with the mitt

Its Recommended that you wash your mitt with a bar of soap but I don't have any bars of soap  just liquid soap and it did a pretty good job!

So how much is this magic mitt
Its only €9.95!
If your interested just click the link and enjoy 

Click Here

Hope you guys enjoyed that
 c-ya soon

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