Monday, 15 December 2014

Winterval 2014

Hi Guys
I really want to share with you a Christmas festival I absolutely love its called Winterval
Its a Christmas festival in the south east of Ireland in a city called Waterford It begins on the 21st November till the 23rd of December
and there is a host of activities and events
from free to ticketed events

Winterval express train
Adults €6, Children €5 (weekends), Adults €5, Children €4 (midweek)

(horse drawn sleigh)
Adults €7
Children €6 
                                                              (Helter Skelter|)

                     (Christmas markets )                                       
                                               Full of great craft and local stall
This is a bar where they show the movie frozen for kids and grown ups a like!
This is Free for everyone
you can also enjoy popcorn, hot chocolate at the bar
The perfect goodies for a good movie!
                                    After you watch your free Frozen movie why not say hello to olaf!

Ferris Wheel
€2.50 pp

                                             (The highlight of Winterval for most is the
                                                       Winterval Illuminates light show)
                           For any anymore information you can look up their website


  1. cute light show :))
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