Monday, 17 November 2014

Garnier miscellar cleansing water

Hi guys 
I have recently finished my last bottle bioderma and seen as I'm not going to France in the near future so I decided to pick up a new cleanser.
I had seen Garnier miscellar water and it intrigued me it's design was very similar to that of bioderma so I convinced my self it would work wonders 
However I wasn't too impressed it left a kind of sticky feel on my skin which is what I wanted to avoid and had to wash my face after not too mention it really didn't work that well at getting off my mascara, I was still left with clumps of mascara on my lashes 
Comparing it to bioderma it doesn't compare however I would consider it a middle of the road cleanser
What do you guys think?
C-ya soon

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