Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Decadence Tan

Hi guys 
I was recently sent this product to review 
Its the Decadence Tan
Its an Organic tan combined with  high performance tanning accelerators it gives you the most gorgeous Carmel bronzed goddess look and it feels amazing on your skin and your skin  is left feeling so soft which is due to the skin conditioning ingredients they put in to ensure a long lasting and perfect fading tan
It does not have a fake tan scent at all they have infused it with aromatic therapy oils of orange, sandalwood and bergamont it  is the most luxurious scent
It comes in a mist bottle and is tinted so you can see exactly where the tan is going which is perfect for people like me who always seems to leave a perfect streak of pasty white skin in one patch!
Its extremely fast drying which is a plus for me  as I am way to impatient to wait for anything!


For those with sensitive skin, the inclusion of the anti-inflammatory seaweed extract means this is a perfect product for sensitive or allergy prone skin. 
This product retails for €14.99
If you are intrested just click the link to find out where you can get it in a store near you

Hope you guys enjoyed that
C-ya soon


  1. I love your blog! :)

    I tagged you in the 'This or That' beauty tag on my blog if you want to give it a go? I would love to read your answers!

    ~Abbie xo

  2. Looks great x