Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tip Thursday

Hi Guys 
Its Tip Thursday 
And my tip for you today is 
Don't forget to look after your lips in the sun!
We are all concerned about making sure we have SPF in our moisturiser,foundation ,BB cream etc but
 We tend to forget about  the skin on our lips it can be very delicate so its very important to look
 after them
I was recently looking at old photos when I was on holiday I found a picture of me when my lips got burnt which got me thinking  its something few people would think to make sure they have  SPF on their lips  
 thankfully  there are so many company's that have SPF in their lip balms  now from SPF  10 to SPF 30 

Hope that you guys enjoy that 
C-ya soon xxx


  1. I use the yellow Nivea one under my normal lip balms and glosses!

  2. I'm currently using a Palmers Lip Balm with SPF 15. Its so easy to forget that your lips need protecting as well as your skin x

    1. I just got that one gonna save it for my holiday to portugal I love the smell of the Palmers products so Id say im gonna love it xx