Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Weight loss wednesday

Keeping a food Diary

Keeping a diary and writing down everything you eat and drink can be a very powerful and motivating tool to help you stay focused.

Keep your diary with you so you can record your food/drink intake as you go. Each day record your  daily meals, how much water you drink and how you are feeling. Also record any significant exercise or activity you have done each day.

Most people feel more accountable when they keep a food diary and tend to cut down on sneaky snacking. It's also much easier to diagnose any problems you may encounter if you have an accurate record of your food intake.

Be specific: Make sure you include 'extras', such as gravy on your meat or cheese on your vegetables. Try not to generalise, for example, record an apple as apple, not as fruit.

Hope that was helpful
C-Ya soon xx