Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Genisk and the Marie Keating foundation

Hi guys today I want to share with you a partnership which I think really makes a difference and encourage you to support these two partner Glenisk and Marie Keating Foundation.
Glenisk, the award-winning organic dairy is celebrating 25 years in business this year. The family-owned dairy is now Ireland’s largest yogurt maker and has experienced very strong growth in recent years, despite the recession, with a doubling of market share and an increase in unit sales of more than 40% year on year. From a small business with just one paid employee in 1987, the company now employs more than 50 people at its base in Killeigh, Co Offaly. Glenisk works with 50 small family farms around the country, sourcing most of the organic milk produced on the island, and paying farmers the highest milk premium in Ireland.
Glenisk partners with the Marie Keating Foundation and supports local communities
As part of the 25thanniversary celebrations, Glenisk has partnered with the Marie Keating Foundation, donating €25,000 to help the charity raise awareness of breast cancer, promote screening and prevention measures, and help those families who have been adversely affected by the illness. Funds raised from Glenisk’s partnership are used to support the Foundation’s Mobile Information Units which visit hundreds of communities around Ireland each year to give free advice and information. Glenisk has created a series of Limited Edition Pink Yogurt packs to highlight the partnership across the company’s Fat Free Organic yogurts, which are available in Natural (500g), Strawberry (4x125g) and Tropical Fruits (4x125g).


Please go out and support Genisk and the Marie Keating foundation by buying a pot not only will you be helping a great organisation but you will also get a great yummy  yogurt my personal  favourites  are the tropical fruits  YUM! and Lady's lets not forget they are fat free and a great snack so you cant go wrong!

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