Thursday, 27 September 2012

weight loss wednesday

Hi guys this is week two of my weight loss tips tips that always helped me in my weight loss journey.

Tip #2


Weigh and Measure Yourself

Tracking your weight and measurements is essential to keep you focused to meet your target.

Try not to weigh and measure yourself every day, once a week is a good idea.

Weigh and measure yourself first thing in the morning and at the same time each week.

Try to weigh yourself on the same scales each time. If you don't have scales at home, you can weigh yourself at your local  Pharmacy or participating.

Hope that was helpful
C-Ya soon xx


  1. I agree that you should weigh yourself but sometimes if you exercise, you might put on weight at first because of the muscle you gain so you shouldn't always go by the scale. :)

    You have great tips though :)

    xoxo, Adela