Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Tip Thursday !


Hey Guys Its been a long time since I did a Tip Thursday so I guess Its about time!
As winter is coming around the corner and one of the worst thing for me is chapped lips so my trick for having nice soft lips is to exfoliate them regular

Most people will think that they will have to go out and buy an expensive lip scrub like the Lush Lip Scrubs which I will admit are yummy as well as a great product
However you probably have all you need in your house already all you need is Vaseline and sugar
What I normally do is to dip my finger in my pot of Vaseline  and dip it in the sugar that I have pour on to a little dish and rub all over my lips, I give it a good scrub  then wipe it off  and apply a lip balm
Keeping your lips moisturised is the key then I make sure to apply a generous amount before I go to bed.
Hopefully you will wake up with beautiful soft lips!
I hope you guys enjoyed that
C-Ya soon xx

1 comment:

  1. This is great I've bought 2 of the lip scrubs on the weekend gonna try em with vaseline like you said! thanks for posting :) xx