Friday, 3 August 2012

NYC Liquid Lip Shine

Hey Guys how are you ??
Today I'm going to review the NYC Liquid  Lip Shine

I really am in need of lip glosses however They aren't my favourite beauty products I always find them too sticky and to be honest I always rather a matte lipstick look but ever since I started to use my L'oreal Caresse lipstick which has a built in gloss I have wanted to try lip glosses again.
As I was sure what to get I said I would start off cheap and cheer full and work my way up and to be honest I'm very pleased.
I bought the NYC Liquid Lip Shine in the colour Rivington Rose its a beautiful Rose colour with tiny specks of glitter beautiful wash of colour on the lips its very pretty.
It has such a Delicious vanilla and toffee scent
It applys very easy

It a complete bargain at €2.49 it moisturises your lips and is not sticky at all more creamy to be honest they have ten shades available in this range and I shall be making more purchases.
Hope you guys enjoyed that
C-ya soon xx


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  2. That lipstick colour looks gorgeous, sounds like such a bargain too! - xo

  3. this is such a nice shade! i need to try them <3

  4. Lipgloss def needs to have a good scent...i always pass this at walmart but never picked one up...maybe next time :)
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