Tuesday, 14 August 2012

cyber candy goodies!

Hi Guys today I got so excited when I got a special delivery from one of my favourite online candy website Cyber Candy. If you haven't heard about this company please check them out they are a family owned and run business  in North London. 
Online Catalogue

 They  now have six shops: four in London, including Covent Garden, Islington, Camden Town East Yard, and Shoreditch Boxpark; one in Birmingham's Bull Street and one in Brighton's Gardner Street. They also operate two large distribution warehouses in North London. What I wouldn't give to have one near me!

They were so kind as to send me out a sample of this amazing carbonated drink Tru Blood!
Yes like the TV show. I have to say I have loved watching Vampire shows ever since Buffy came out  and absolutely love True Blood. I love Sookie and who would want to look at Ryan Kwanten :)

Anyway to keep ever ones appetite for blood strong till its back for a new season this Tru blood drink can keep us going! It comes in a glass bottle amazing packaging but not to worry
its not Japanese-engineered synthesised blood, or even real human blood! Tru Blood is a carbonated blood-orange flavoured soda. Its so yummy I really have a sweet tooth so I love this and Orange is my favourite type of carbonated drink so this was right up my street!! Not only is it yummy but its packed with vitamin B3 and B12 too which should give you all the energy to watch every season of true blood or do some hunting of your own!!

The price of this stands at £6.99 which if your a fan like my seem a bargain when you can get a 414ml glass bottle that is  crafted to be an exact replica of Vampire Bill's favourite tipple and  taste is amazing too.
Cyber Candy do so many amazing other product that you can choose from Candy's from America, Australia etc things you cant get over here
Check out their websiteand try to control your self because trust me it is hard and enjoy!
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Hope you guys enjoyed that
c-ya soonxx



  1. Yum all of this looks so incredible! Are you a fan of The Vampire Diaries? If not, check it out, it's seriously addictive!

    The Tru Blood drink is really cool, saw it here in Australia and wondered what it tasted like (hoped it wasn't a blood metallic taste that's for sure! :P) so thanks for curing my curiosity about that!

    Thanks for following me, now following you also! xx


  2. Its so yummy hun really wanted another after I finished it!
    I havent yet byt heard its amazing must have a look at it.
    thanks for the follow hun xx