Sunday, 1 July 2012

happy holidays!!

Hi Guys today I wanted to share with you some tips I have picked up over the years!

SUITCASE SCALES   Before you head off with your suitcase full to the brim check your baggage allowence most airline allow 20kg  on a long haul flight which seems like a lot but it is very easy to go over this limit a handy way to keep check is too get a suit case scales you can usually get these in heatons or boots.

SUNCREAM its pretty much a no brainier but I also would always dab about 20c piece amount of suncream on my scalp after I come out of the shower in the morning my scalp always seem to burn on holiday and this really use to help prevent that.

LEAVE IN CONDITIONER  something I always do too is after my shower in the morning and after I put the suncream on my scalp I spray in a leave in conditioner and style my hair usually in braids because I love to swim I feel like it helps to stop my hair from drying out .

WATER   You need to stay hydrated especially out in the sun you do not want to become dehydrated it will cause headaches etc  and as water has so many benefits for your skin its essential.

ZIP LOCK BAGS  even if you decide to put your toiletries in your checked suitcase I would still always put the products in a zip lock bag at least that way if they leak the only leak into the bag

SELLOTAPE  Most people  I know have had there clothes ruin do to suncream/ shower gels or shampoo spill all over there clothes so I always make sure to place my shower gels or shampoo etc into a zip lock bag and before that I sellotape the lids down for extra protection.

DRY SHAMPOO  Theses are such a great thing to have on a sun holiday I use it if I get a really bad sun burn the last thing you need when your sun burnt is water pelting down on it!

NATURAL YOGURT  I know this might sound odd and I don't go over with a pot in my suitcase however it is perfect if you blister last year when I was in Florida it was so hot around 50 degrees every day and no matter how much suncream I used id burn and my shoulder blistered lucky enough someone in our hotel told me the best thing for that is natural yogurt and wow did it they were completely gone in two days!

AFTER SUN we all know there is nothing nicer after a day tanning our self at the beach than to cool our skin down so what I always do is put my aftersun in the fridge so that its extra cool on my skin.

CLIPS AND HAIR TIES The heat your hair will have to put up with on hoilday is a killer so why not instead of putting your hair through more damage with straighteners and curlers why not braid your hair for a fun summer look which will transform to beautiful natural wavy hair for a night time look
Hope you guys enjoyed that c-ya soon xx


  1. Thank you for the tips- I'll definitely keep them in mind when I'm packing this week :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. Thats good hun where are you off too??? xx

  3. Great posts and blog! Come by and let's follow each other ;)!
    See you soon:)

  4. I keep on meaning to pick up some luggage scales because they would be so handy! on a recent trip I had to wear lots of clothes & jewellery because my bag was over weight!

    1. They are so handy we took it with us when we went to America saved us a fortune! Im following you now hun great blog xx

  5. Great idea about the celotape and beauty products - so simple yet i'd never of thought of that!