Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Alterna 1 Night Highlights

Hi Guys I recently came across a new product in a magazine its the Alterna 1 Night Highlights these are a temporary colour mousse that gives you a highlight look that washes out.

I have never had highlights but have always wanted to I've had friends that have had them and they look beautiful but I would always  hear them give out about the cost of the up keep put me off.
However I have had blonde hair about three years ago and decided to go brunette on a whim for a change and I love how it looks and my hair seems so much more healthier but lately I have been itching to go lighter again

Kind of like Jennifer Anison but I didn't want to dye it and have it not look good so I think these are really great to try out.
Although on the expensive side for a wash out product at £29 I have searched the Internet for anywhere in Ireland that stock  them but came up blank there was however an English websites that did deliver Internationally at the extra cost of £6.99 so it comes to £35.99 which is a lot and that's before it is converted into Euros which normally is €3 - €5 more than UK prices.
I'm usually a slave to new beauty products so even thou it is high cost I can see my self giving in!!
The colour in this range are Shimmering Blonde , Ravishing  Red  and Sweet Carmel
And on a side note these colours only seem to be suitable for darker hair and not really for blonde's
OK guys that's it hope you guys enjoyed that  c-ya soon xx

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